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Video: 17:07

Photo: 61

Cherry, Erica & Jenny

I'm not quite sure how this one happened. I'm talking to this girl and ask her if she likes white guys and she runs off. Next thing ya know, she's back with two other hot little asian hoochies. I took all three back and had a fuckfest!

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Jane had the wettest pussy I have ever seen. Not just juicy, but a gusher! And fuck, she screamed so loud I thought people were going to think someone was getting killed! Watch me fill this tight asian twat with hard cock!

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Angel & Maryjane

Maryjane and Angel are a duo that are fucking nuts - they could not keep off of my dick for two seconds. In fact, they almost started fighting over my dick if I didn't start fingering the girl that didn't have my rod in her mouth.

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So Sun

Sosun's tits look fucking incredible - like absolutely incredible. It's very rare to see Asian tits this big, but when I do I make sure to hold on to the chick for a very very long time. I also loved stretching out her tiny pussy and fucking her hard.

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Avena Lee

Aveena still has fucking braces on, which usually makes me worry when my dick gets sucked. This Asian slut wanted to be tossed around, choked, and fucked as hard as possible instead of sucking my dick though, so that worked out pretty well.

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Katrina Ko

Getting road head from an Asian is one of those reason I'm glad I'm alive. She goes fucking nuts on my nuts, and it's fucking hard to make it back to my place to finish the job. We did manage to get there without wrecking, which was a feat.

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Nyomi Marcela

Naomi is a yummy Asian chick who has a thing for getting on top of a dick. She doesn't just get on top either - she's a bit fan of the reverse cowgirl so I can get an eyeful of her ass as she bounces up and down on my shaft.

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Nautica Thorn & Tai Angel

Check out these hot little asian sluts. I found these two out getting lunch and asked them if they wanted to make a little movie with me and they happily accepted! A little bit of Kung Pao Pussy goes perfect with my fried rice!

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Lucy Lee

Lucy is a very forward Asian chick who goes fucking wild for dick - she slurps down this cock like it was nothing. Her ass was nice and tight, and her legs were fucking hot as hell. I usually don't look at a chick's legs, but hers are nice enough to make me take notice.

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Kylie Rey

Kylie is one of the few Asians I know that is all for anal. You would never expect it, but yes, this chick just loves getting it right up her pooper. That is why I will always keep her around, no matter what happens in my life.

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China Girl

This girl has to have been one of my all time favorites ever. She wanted to do one thing only and that was to please me whichever way I wanted her to. A perfect sex slave, spreading her tight little pink pussy lips for my cock!

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Luci Thai

I couldn't have asked for a better piece of pussy this time. This girl didn't speak much English either, but had a pussy sent from heaven and she couldn't get enough of my cock! I could barely stick my cock into her tight little twat!

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While I usually liked shaved Asians over any other kind, Mina is okay because her pussy hair actually adds something to the experience. Plus this chick is just out of this world sexy, especially when she slides that pussy all the way down my dick.

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This girl didn't speak a lick of English but could suck cock like a true champion. I could've sworn she was going to swallow my cock whole like an eggroll! You gotta get a load of this spicy little asian dish getting my load all over her!

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Nye Lee

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Jenna Novad

Jenna went fucking wild when I pulled out my dick. I just love the noises that these Asian girls make when I was fucking them. She stretched her legs wide and just let me in, her lips stretching out to take me.

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