Sabrine Maui

Sabrine looked all sweet and innocent, but she's really a straight up Asian whore. That's just how I like them, though, because she got right on top of my dick and decided to ride it while continuing to suck on her lollipop.

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Fina, Angelica, Grace & Stephanie

Now this is a great Asian orgy, with me in the middle. I don't know what awesome things I've done in life to deserve something this damn good, but you know what? I certainly am happy about it. These girls all got fucked by me, and they played with each other plenty.

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Lyla Lei

Lyla has small, perky tits that look fucking gorgeous. I would suck on those nipples all night long, but she started things off by sucking on my dick before I even had a chance to do anything else.

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Nyla Thai & Me Lee

Nyla and Me Lee had this type of sexually hungry look that just stops you dead in your tracks and makes you want to fuck the hell out of the both of them. Of course, that's exactly what I did, staring down at their uplifted eyes as they suck my dick.

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Melinda had a great pair of Asian tits and a mouth that does not stop. She really loves sucking down my dick over and over again - in fact we switched over to POV style just to capture how fucking hot this scene ended up being.

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Tami Lynn

Tammy is one of those Asian women that really make some of the weirdest looks during sex. It was kind of hard to keep on thrusting when it looks like she's trying to make ogre faces at me, but I managed to hold on and finish off.

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Connie Lee

Connie is definitely a spicy little spinner! This girl just couldn't get enough of my cock! Cute little short haired asian girl with the sweetest little pussy you've ever seen! Couldn't barely fit my cock inside of it! Check out her video!

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Diane & Emily

What's better than an Asian girl, you might ask? It's simple - two Asian girls. These total hotties have always wanted a threesome, so I just had to give them exactly what they wanted. I especially made sure to fill up those sweet Asian twats.

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Jayna Oso

Jayna had a lot of fun with my dick today, although she's all for the rough sex. I grabbed her hair and shoved her head down on my dick to the point where she is almost choking. I bent her right over after that and fucked her silly.

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Kay Lani

This Asian whore told me she loves rough sex, but she didn't explain just how hard she likes it. I figured maybe she just wanted it hard and fast, but no - she wanted choked and thrown around. Now that's a crazy bitch right there.

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China Barbie

China had this super tight body that got my dick hard before I even got her naked. Once she was bare in front of me, it was even hotter. Her pussy was shaved and soaking wet, her breasts looked great, and then she climbed on top of me and started pumping away.

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Natalie knows how to suck a dick, that's for sure. She latched on to my cock and just started sucking and sucking until I nearly passed out. It felt that fucking good. She kept at it too until she hopped on top of my cock.

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Cherry was great - she never had a black dude before, but her friends had told her about me. It's like I'm the fuck buddy of this entire group of Asians, but you know what. I will never, ever complain about that, I'll just keep on boning these girls.

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It's a big leap for an Asian girl to go from fucking Oriental dudes to getting in the middle of an interracial scene - but I'm glad to be the go to black dude for them to fuck. I swear every time I pound into an Asian pussy that my eyes roll to the back of my head.

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Brooke Milano

Brooke had this perfect Asian ass that I spotted as she was running around in her jeans. I so had to fuck this sweet chick, so I told her how big my dick was and she just went nuts. She was sucking on me so hard that she almost choked.

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Lili Thai

Ok, I think we have a winner! Get a load of this philipino babe guzzling down cumloads like they're going out of style! What a horny little freak this one was. And check out the smoking hot body on her. Holy shit!

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Kiwi Ling

This Asian has it all - that long, silky hair, her beautiful perky tits, and that tight ass. Now that's what I'm talking about! She sucked my dick down like candy, and then bent over to offer up her ass to me.

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Kitty Jung

Kitty's pussy was fucking wild for an Asian's, and I just could not wait to pound my dick into it. It took me like 5 minutes to slam right into there, and she started screaming and moaning like a wild woman.

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