Lacey Tom

Lacey is cute in that girl next door kind of look. Her perky tits look great, her sucking skills are top notch, and my big dick stretches her pussy goes wide out the second I slam my dick into her. She made some very choice noises with that.

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Annie Cruz

I just love Annie - she's always up for something interesting. Today she told me she wanted a threesome, so I brought over a friend to have some fun with her. She was ready, willing, and able to suck down two black cocks, and when it came time to fuck the hell out of that tight Asian pussy she just keep moaning until her pussy was covered in juices and filled with cum.

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Veronica Lynn

Veronica Lynn had this really incredible smile that gave me a boner all on its own - although maybe that was more from her corset and fishnets than anything else. Who knows, all I know is that I was having fun pounding the shit out of that sweet cunt of hers.

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Tami Lynn

Tami wanted it hard, fast, and raw - and who am I to say otherwise? I gave her exactly what she wanted and then some. It started off simple enough, with a nice blowjob, but soon escalated into her bouncing up and down on my dick as hard and fast as she could manage.

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Beautiful Pussy

This Asian was tired of fucking guys from her home country, so she called me up. Dying for a big cock is pretty much what she told me, so I made sure to deliver - she was smiling at the end of this scene, that's for sure.

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Annie Cruz

Annie is a hot Asian chick that always wanted to have a black dick in her, so I was happy to accommodate her. The first thing I had to do was lick up this sweet Asian pussy. I'm always amazed at how fucking tight it is, and half worried that I'm going to break one of these chicks. She was more than eager to get a dripping creampie from me, though.

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Tiffany Chow

Tiffany was more than a little bit eager to suck on my dick. In fact, not only was she eager, she ripped my fucking pants trying to get them off fast enough. Now that is what I call a quality Asian experience.

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Luci Thai

Luci Thai is one of my favorite Asian chicks, mostly because she gives head like no one I've ever been with. The other thing is that she's always up for something freaky, especially when it involves cum just dripping out of her pussy. She wanted to take on two black dicks today, so we had one wild Asian threesome.

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Jade Hsu

Whenever I want my dick sucked, I always call on an Asian. They are just the best of the best when it comes to wrapping their lips tight around a dick, although it's not quite as tight as her pussy.

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Jade Sweet

Jade might look like an uptight Asian bitch, but she is actually as warm and welcoming as they come. And by warm I might just happen to mean that tight snatch of hers, which is just dripping with juices and looking as delicious as possible.

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Yumi Lee

Yumi certainly is yummy, if you can excuse my shitty pun. She just loves to show off her tight booty and have her flawless pussy demolished by a big dick. And the noises this chick makes - don't even get my started on those.

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Rosanna Rose

Rosanna let her tits loose from her corset and give me an instant boner. I bent her over right away and started pounding the shit out of her pussy, stretching it wider and wider until she fucking just lost it and started screaming like a wild woman.

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Kaylani Lei

Kaylani is fucking gorgeous. Every single bit of this Asian just drives me fucking crazy, and there is nothing I can do to resist her. Not that I'd want to, of course, but fuck man this is just one of those women I will obsess over after the shoot.

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Kiani Leigh

Kiana is a lovely Asian chick that just loves having her pussy played with, so I started off with that and moved on up to fucking the hell out of her pussy. You do have to go up slowly with Asians, because their pussies are just so damn small.

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Veronica Lynn

Vironica is yet another one of my favorites! Watch this girl do tricks with her pussy and tongue that I never thought was possible. She's definetely one of the hottest little asian girls walking the face of this planet! You be the judge!

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Leili Koshi

Leili has this thing for being on top. She doesn't mind being on the bottom, but she really goes wild when she has control of the thrusting. I am half afraid of her coming down just a wee bit too hard and breaking my dick.

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Dell, Gina & Susan

Asian threesomes sound pretty fucking awesome - and let me tell you from experience that they really live up to expectations. I had one Asian girl riding my dick with two others just playing with her titties and bouncing her all over.

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Angel & Maryjane

Angel and Maryjane, what an oriental tagteam! I just love sinking my dick into this duo of Asian pussy, especially when I hear the both of them making the noises at once. That's like heaven for me.

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