Roxanne was just fun in general, and I had one hell of a time with her. She was smiling and giggling from the second she came into the room, and even when she was letting me ride her Asian ass. I can't say that I'm complaining at all, although it is a bit strange to have a chick giggling while I'm nailing her.

Video: 25:16

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Yumi Lee

Yumi is one awesome Asian lady that really helped to make my day better. She stopped by with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen, and proceeded to offer up her pussy to be absolutely demolished by my big black cock. I don't think she's ever had ebony dick before, because her eyes got very very wide.

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There's nothing that June loves more than the reward that comes from her hard work. But the hard work that she chooses to engage in is the sweaty, carnal kind that's usually between the sheets and the reward she's looking for is a dripping, messy creampie oozing from her well-worn hole. Will June get her reward this time around? Watch and see.

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Ann & Newt

Nu and Ann are great - they are these sweet and slender Asian babes that really rock my world every time they come over. I absolutely love seeing them fuck the hell out of my dick. They are so horny that all I really need to do is sit back and relax.

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Pussycat likes guys to pet her kitty, but sometimes her kitty gets hungry. The only thing her kitty loves more than thick mansnake is the white gooey stuff, and it laps it up. Pussycat can't say no to any man that feeds her kitty, and opens her kitty wide for the lucky guy in this scene. Watch as she takes her man's snake all the way in, just for her kitty.

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Roxanne had these perfectly perky tits topped off with sweet hard nipples that I just wanted to suck on the second I saw her. They looked great, but it wasn't as great as when I got to fuck that ultra tight pussy.

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Yao is another hot asian cum guzzling whore that barely speaks a word of English. But she sure knows the International language of lovin pretty damn well. She can swallowed this cock whole, like an egg roll & got injected with about a quart of hot goop out of a big black dick.

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Loni Punoni

Loni starts off by playing with a dildo, but she throws that off to the side when she sees how big my dick is. I pound the fuck out of her pussy, getting it nice and deep into her hole before she is fucking screaming and moaning my name.

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Fon's an example of no matter where women are from, what they really want is is a good hard roll in the bed - or futon. With the case of this beauty, she's on the hunt for a very non-Asian treat, the creampie. But not the desert, as this lady is looking for a drippy, gooey treat between her legs. Watch her as he looks for this delicacy with her co-star.

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Sonia & Tolly Crystal

Tolly and Sonia are such good friends that they do everything together - and that everything includes sucking dick, too. If you ask me, more Asian women should be like that, because hearing them moaning in stereo was fucking amazing.

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This sweet little thing loves the dick, and the dick loves her. Nan knows that men love her petite little Asian frame, and while this girl doesn't look it, she likes it big and she likes it big. The only thing she loves more than that is that dick letting loose deep inside that tight, wet kitty. Watch as she lets her lucky co-star nut in her.

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Diane & Tiffany

Diane and Tiffany were these perfectly petite Asian chicks who were so turned on by the thought of a threesome that they had to go and do it right there and then. I'm certainly not going to argue about that, so we headed right on back and started it up.

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Cute, shy and quiet, Cat is every but the demure Asian female that's the stuff of so many fantasies. But get her alone, and she turns into a tiger to get filled with that warm, sticky creampie between her legs. She can't help it and just the thought of that internal discharge makes this otherwise polite Asian girl go nuts!

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Yumi Lee

Yumi made me think she was going to be your typical sweet Asian chick, but she was a total slut once she saw my big black dick. She was just demanding that I put that shit in her mouth, then once she was done gobbling me down she got on top of me and bounced around as happy as can be.

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Like many Asian women, Venus doesn't have much of a rack. However, after feeling the way her pussy wraps around my dick, I can safely say that I do not give a shit. That feeling is all that I need to go absolutely fucking nuts - it's unbelievable.

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Oui was this sweet, flirty Asian chick that was amazed by my black cock. I don't know if she had ever seen one before, because she was all about playing with it and admiring how big it was. Of course, then she just had to see whether her tight Asian pussy could take it. Now that was a fun experiment!

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Anna Lisa

Anna was so petite that I was worried I was going to break her when I fucked the shit out of her. I shouldn't have worried, though - she just slurped down my dick like crazy and then rode me harder than I ever thought possible from a slender Asian.

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She likes it deep and hard, and Urai just can't help it when thick, long piece of black cock comes her way. This fine piece of Asian ass can't help herself, and takes it all in. But unlike most girls, she doesn't let that cum go to waste on her face or body - she wants it all and she wants it all in her. Nothing makes he happier than feeling that cum ooze down her pussy.

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