Miko Sinz

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 1-1

I've never seen such aggressive chicks in my entire life. I'm going to have to hang out around Chinatown more often. Black chicks don't go after my cock like Asians do. Asians must have a thing for us black guys. Either that or these girls were putting on hell of a show. I think the next bitch I take out on a date is going to be an Asian. I want more of what I had that day!

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Jenny loves the jizz that jets from men who don't pull out. In fact, that's what she asks every guys who comes into her bed don't pull out. When there's a stiff dick in her tight Asian twat, nothing makes her wetter than thought of that gooey, DNA-filled reward, and nothing makes her cum harder than feeling that cum drip from used, red, pussy.

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Lynn is not the type of chick that you want to run into if you want a nice, relaxing fuck. She is the type of Asian you call up if you want to get into a ton of freaky fucking positions and wild fucking sex.

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Renae Cruz

This curly haired Asian hottie was just a slut in general, so I had to try her out. She was already in this skanky lingerie that made it even better, and that pussy of hers was nice and shaved. Her tits bounced up and down with every thrust, and the noises she made after I left my signature creampie were just amazing.

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Fon & Nan

Fon and Nan were fucking drop dead gorgeous Asian girls - like I had no idea what they were doing knocking on my door. I did, of course, take full advantage of the chance offered up. Who in the right mind would ever turn down a sweet Asian pussy like these two?

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Nadi Phuket

Nadi Phuket came in the room with this amazingly sexy corset on, and my dick could not possibly have gotten harder. She just has this sexual presence that really shows through in everything that she does, whether it's walking across a room or sucking on my dick.

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Nat giggles and flirts like she isn't just there for sex, but I knew different. It sure as hell wasn't going to bother me - all I wanted to do was sink my dick into that tight pussy of hers. I did get to bend her over and have it my way.

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Mya Luanna

Mya is in the mood for fucking, so she calls me up and tells me to come over right there and then. I got the dick sucking of a lifetime, and then she got on top of my dick. I could not believe that her pussy was so fucking tight.

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Luci Thai

Who can't get enough of Luci? With thick DSLs (that's dick sucking lips, not high speed internet) guys who like their knobs polished can't resist her. Once she takes off her top and shows off those big bouncing boobs, guys can't help but lick on those nipples. This Asian babe is more than hot and much more than spicy! Watch as she gives this lucky stiff the ride of his life.

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Nam & Em

Nam and Em don't really say much, but they don't have to. They just have to open up their mouths wide and slurp my dick down. And that's exactly what they did, working their tongues side by side on my dick.

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Ashley Marie

See Ashley's smile? It's all because she's about to get what she wants a nice, warm, messy creampie between the luscious and delicious thighs. While she's a non-stop nympho slut, getting her pussy blasted on the inside with fresh man-spunk is how this Asian beauty likes to spend her afternoons. That smile gets even bigger once she gets what she wants.

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Natalie Long

Natalie is a very vocal Asian woman, so I have to make sure that the neighbors are away before I start pounding into her pussy. It's not my fault - it's just the way she is, and I just love hearing her be this damn loud.

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Thai Michelle

With a taste for chocolate, Michelle loves mixing it up with black guys. Maybe it's the contrast of her pale Asian skin, but nothing makes her goes nuts more than a ebony-skinned male and his nuts. She likes it hard and she likes it soft and sensual but most of all, she just likes it. It's not her fault that they always cum in the tight pussy of hers, right? Right.

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Kaiya Lynn

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Jade Hsu

Jade is one completely stunning Asian babe that was dressed to kill. She set off my slut radar from a mile away, so it wasn't any surprise that she wanted to get on my dick. That Asian whore bent over and let me play with that apple bottom of hers, slapping my balls against her with every thrust.

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June & Miew

It was like my birthday when these two Asian hotties walked in the room. They were all over my dick in a flash - I'm just wondering if they have ever seen black dick before. Even if they didn't, they sure knew how to handle it .

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