Kyanna Lee

She likes the frilly underthings, but most all, Asian hottie Kyanna loves the boys. But that's just the start. This far East hottie likes to feel it drip, and by it, she means the sticky froth of lust from the conclusion of a successful sensual coupling. She craves the creampie, there's no doubt about that, and she's not particular who it comes from.

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Weird name, but that's okay - her pussy was still grade A. She had never been with a black man before so the excitement was just radiating off of her. She was also one of those chicks that starts screaming the second my dick split her shit open - and then invited a friend of hers over so we could have a "round two"! I swear this oriental babe was trying to wear me out!

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 3-1

I was in bed when my girl told me I had a call. Usually I tell her to take a message. I could tell by her tone of voice this was an important call. She's cool with me doing porn. That's what buys her all the bling. She can't bitch too much if she's driving a brand new car. When I was asked to be in an orgy with Asian- hell yeah! I was all for it!

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Lielani Li

This American-ized Asian hottie, with her blonde highlighted hair, loves the very non-Eastern treat of the creampie. Not the Boston variety, not the coconut variety, but the runny, hot and sexual variety. Nothing makes her wetter than the thought of that man goo shooting up into her, except when she's actually doing the deed. Watch as she get her slice in this update.

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I really want to make meowing noises at Miew, but I'm pretty sure that that would be fucking rude. So instead I got her to suck my dick and then pop on top for a cock ride that she would never, ever forget.

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 2-3

You never expect to be in such a wild sexual position. Sure, we all jerk off while thinking about having orgies. How many of you have actually been in an orgy? I thought so. It is an experience like no other. Especially when each and every one of the chicks is an Asian. That is like the cherry on top of the sundae. Look at our pictures and movies and see if you think we had a good time.

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Aurora Ivy

With a name straight out of a strip club dance roster, Aurora Ivy's too nasty for any gentleman's club. This former dancer from the far East, you see, doesn't just tease, but she delivers on giving up the goods. But this little lady wants something back in return; a nice, warm deposit of male DNA, which so far no man she's ever met has denied her.

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Yao & Kuki

Yao and Kuki were crazy for black dick. In fact, these crazy Asian bitches almost broke down my fucking door to get in. I don't really mind - if my dick is good enough to get a reaction like that, then I must be doing something right.

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 2-2

The action was fast and furious. I'm sure the cameraman had one hell of a time keeping up with it all. These eager Asian hotties wanted nothing more than our black cocks. Believe me, we were more than happy to give them what they wanted. I could have taken on all those Asian beauties if they allowed me to. It might have killed me. But, I would have died a very happy man.

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Mya Minx

Mya's juicy little asian snatch gets fucked good in this video. Not to mention, she sucks a hella fine dick. Watch her squeeze a thick greazy cumload out of her gooey little pink hole. You're going to love this shit.

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This dark skinned Asian girl was exotic as hell and just drove me nuts with her tight pussy and sweet lips. She gave me one hell of a blowjob, and I especially loved when she bent over so I could slap my balls against her ass as I fucked her pussy.

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 2-1

I was hungry for something, but I had no idea what. I had just gotten back from Iraq and I wanted a lot of shit. A stiff shot of whiskey. A big fat doobie. And lots of pussy. I did get the shot of whiskey and a ton of pussy. The guys broke out a bottle before the orgy began. I took more than my fair share. Though, I've been through a lot of shit in the past year and a half.

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Ruby Luxe

She's friendly kind of girl, and sometime maybe a little too friendly. She can't help it though - this Asian lovely is just friendly to everyone. She loves the attention and the guys can't help but get close to this cutie. When she gets together with a guy, she can't help but let him loose deep inside her wet, willing pussy.

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This Asian chick has a way with her mouth that makes even me blush. She just loves to work her tongue up and down my dick slowly, making sure to tease every inch of my shaft with her tongue. Then she just works her mouth slowly up and down, sucking hard.

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 1-3

We all were a little shocked by this orgy. I thought I was going to a normal porn shoot. You know, a little one on one action. When I saw the room full of Asian pussy, that's when I knew something was going on. It was a full fledged orgy and I had a front row ticket! I will never look at Asian girls the same way again. I can't believe how much these Asian cuties loved my black dick.

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She's not just fabulous, she's Fabulust. With a name like that, you know you're in for a ride and that's what she delivers to the guys who are tall enough to hop on. But it's not so much a roller coaster as it is a tunnel of love. Fablust is all about satisfaction, but most of all hers - there's nothing she likes better than a shot of gooey stuff up her tunnel of lust.

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Tuk not only wanted a black dick, she wanted two black dicks. Now normally I don't argue against what a horny chick wants, since that could get ugly, but goddamn. She was going to get broken between the two of us. Somehow she managed to not have her pussy split in two, but it was a pretty close thing.

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 1-2

Most of these Asian girls seem to really like taking it up the ass. You won't hear me complaining about that. I love to fuck a girl in the ass every time I get the chance. You know what I mean. I'm not going to turn down a tight asshole. Especially when it is attached to a lovely skinny Asian chick. Asian girls are always skinny and have those slanted eyes that us men love.

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