Lystra Faith

Lystra can't help but drop her modest, demure demeanor when she's alone with a man. It's not her fault, it's her raging hormones that she can't control. When she goes down on a hard dick, or when she she rides a stiffened prick like a horse, or, as is usually the conclusion, the guy can't hold back and cums in that tight Asian pussy, it's just not her fault.

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Amai Liu

I had to double check the paperwork for Amai, because quite frankly this skinny little asian whore doesn't look like she's 18 - but honestly, it's all there, ID and everything. Someone give this girl some food or something, I normally don't get in the scenes when the girls are this tiny, but Amai insisted she wanted to fuck the biggest dick around, so hey, I got volunteered. Now this young this tasted so sweet and innocent, but when she climbs on your dick, you know she's been around the block a few times, because she knows hot to use her asian ass! Keep watching and enjoy Amai!

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Ashley Marie, Jessica Bangkok, J. Strokes, Kyanna

Take a look at this. Asian girls getting their fill of big black cocks. One of those cocks belonged to me. You read that right. I was right in on the action. I had more fun than a man should be allowed to have. I have to tell you, I haven't seen this much Asian pussy in one room. Man, life is good when you're having an orgy. I could do this every single day of the week.

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Christina Agucci

An Asian gal who has some back, Christina's a dark-haired beauty who plays the shy Asian female to get what she wants. Behind closed doors, she craves that warm feeling that only a creampie filling can give. She shocks her male co-star by giving him the ride of his life, all the while begging him not to pull out.

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Kita Lane

I met Kita at the local gym, and gave her one of my cards. Asked her if she wanted to get into some modeling; didn't hear from her for a couple of weeks or see her at the gym, so I figured I lost out on getting into her pants. As luck would have it, she called me a few days ago and said she had lost her job and wanted to know how much a couple of photo shoots would pay. I said I had another deal for her if she loved sex, and she came over to give it a try. Obviously this girl loves sex, because well, just watch the damn movie and you'll see how good a fuck this little asian whore was...

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Lana Croft, Lielani Li, Tia Ling & Tyung Lee

At first I thought this was going to be a lesbian orgy. The ladies seemed very nervous. Once the cock was broken out, they didn't seem so nervous after all. They went to town on those black cocks like they had been secretly waiting for all day for it. These Asian ladies were more horny than any of us guys ever expected. If they were any more horny, they probably would have scared the hell out of us.

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Haylee Le

Cuter than a wagon full of kittens, it's easy to dismiss Haylee as another cute Asian girl. But don't dismiss this horny little minx. She's looking to fulfill her own desires and urges and if there's anything that makes her toe curl, it's the feeling of warm cum dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. Watch as she gets what she wants.

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Ashley Marie

Ashley is always a dream girl to work with, and all the guys love it when she wants to do a some more work. I think we are all in a state of constant hard dicks when Ashley is around! She's one of the hottest tightest asian pussy's I've had the good luck to get. Plus, she loves being in adult films, and that always helps when you've got a girl who just loves to fuck! You'll love watching Ashley in this video...

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Kiwi, Tia, Kitty, Agne, Nadi, Taj & Sakura

It wasn't another day at the job. I know it sounds crazy, but even us porn guys spend time in the office. I run a little of the business side of things. I have paper work that I have to do and phone calls to make. Boy, was I ever stressed out. When I heard there was an Asian orgy going on, I had to hit the set. I needed to calm down and bust a nut in the worst way.

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Yuri going to love this one! Get it? Err.. Anyhow, this hot asian piece of meat was born to fuck and suck. Watch her spread those skinny little legs wide open and get jammed with about 10 inches of solid rock hard black dick.

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Kyanna Lee

Kyanna had the hottest little set of perky boobs and her hot little twat was dripping with love juices. She had no problem stuffing this thick cock down her little throat until she choked and then took it deep into her tight little pussy. Watch Kyanna get her brains fucked out!

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Kiwi, Tia, Kitty, Agne, Nadi, Taj & Sakura

I thought it was high time I got in all this orgy action. I had to while all the pussy was fresh. No one wants sloppy seconds from a chick that's fucked a bunch of guys. I burst on the set and an Asian chick went straight for my cock like her mouth had a magnet in it. She sucked my cock until my eyes rolled into the back of my head. If that wasn't enough, then I had the pleasure of fucking the living hell out of her.

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Mia Lelani

Mia's motto is yum yum, she can't get enough of that cum. While other girls are content to take a cum shot to the mouth or tits, this beauty from the Far East like complete the deed with a shot of a white, creamy and gooey deep up her Da Nang Delta. Of course, getting the cum's half the fun, and Mia doesn't mind getting it out as well.

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Kiwi, Tia, Kitty, Agne, Nadi, Taj & Sakura

We were all pretty tired for the day. Some of us guys had already worked on a set earlier. I had just finished supper and thought I was going to go home. That's when the producer hit me up with this idea of an Asian orgy. I might have been tired, but I still could get my dick up. Who am I to turn down some great Asian tail? If any of you guys know me, the one thing I don't turn down is pussy!

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Sanaei Moon

This Asian cookie doesn't give fortunes but it does take deposits. Sanaei is a gorgeous example of beauty from the far East, and that only thing she loves more than the attention men give her, is having her choice of man to get together with. She loves that in-out, but what she loves even more is that thick cum inside her.

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 3-3

It is about time I got to stick my dick inside a tight asshole. I've been wanting to do that for some time. Especially with one of those tiny Asian chicks. They have super tight assholes that fit so snug against my big black dick. I only wish there were more Asian chicks that love anal sex like she does. These girls even like it when we cum on their faces.

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Kea Kulani

A stunning smile and a nice pair of firm, all-natural titties are Kea's best assets or so she's have people believe. For those who know Kea on deeper, more intimate level, they know that her hospitality is her finest quality. She never lets a man leave without being released, and she needs that release in this Asian's amazingly wet pussy.

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Oriental OrgyWorld: 3-2

There is more Asian pussy here than in a Chinese restaurant. These guys didn't know what kind of a treat they were in for. You know those Asian pussies are a tight fit for those big black cocks. Just take a look at all the faces. If that isn't the definition of please, I really have no idea what is. These are girls that crave black cock like a pregnant woman craves ice cream and pickles.

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